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The art of mycology has been around for years and years... society is just hitting the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discovering all the incredible benefits mushrooms have to offer. Here at Mycology Men, we have experienced staff that have hand picked the best mushroom growing supplies to perfect your craft of growing mushrooms.

Mushroom growing supplies refer to the tools, equipment, and materials needed to cultivate and grow mushrooms. Growing mushrooms at home or on a larger scale requires a variety of specialized supplies to ensure a successful harvest.

One of the most essential mushroom growing supplies is a growing medium, which serves as the substrate for the mushrooms to grow on. Common growing mediums include straw, sawdust, and composted manure. Depending on the type of mushroom being grown, additional materials may be needed, such as wheat bran or soybean meal.

mushroom growing supplies

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Other important mushroom growing supplies include containers, such as trays or bags, for holding the growing medium and mushrooms as they develop. Temperature and humidity control equipment, such as heaters, coolers, and humidifiers, are also crucial for creating the ideal growing environment for mushrooms. Additionally, lighting may be necessary to stimulate growth and development.

Sterilization equipment, such as pressure cookers or autoclaves, is necessary for ensuring that the growing medium and equipment are free from harmful contaminants. A thermometer and pH meter are mushroom growing supplies that can be used to monitor and adjust the temperature and acidity of the growing environment.

Tools such as knives and brushes are mushroom growing supplies used for harvesting and cleaning mushrooms once they are ready for consumption.

Mushroom growing supplies play a critical role in the success of mushroom cultivation. By providing the right growing conditions and utilizing the proper tools and equipment, anyone can grow their own mushrooms and enjoy the benefits of fresh, nutritious fungi.
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Featured Products

Electric Food Dehydrator 06300
Food Dehydrator

Electric Food Dehydrator No 06300

Dehydrates nutritious fruits and vegetables. Even makes healthy pet treats.

Top-mounted fan and heating element provide constant air flow for optimum drying. No tray rotation needed; no mixed flavors.

Four drying trays included; expands* up to eight trays.
Mist Makers


House of Hydro's newest generation Mist Maker Water Fogger with an industry-leading ml/hr output featuring our lightweight 20mm ceramic discs. This Single disc mist maker fogger is perfect for small projects like aquariums, Martha tent humidification, or raising the humidity in a bedroom.
32 Quart Monotub Fruiting Chamber with Filter Disks and Liner
Monotub Fruiting Chambers

32 Quart Monotub Fruiting Chamber

Our Sterilite Monotubs are the highest quality container you can buy. They come ready to use with filter disks applied along with UV-Sterilized black liner. These are the perfect sizes for any bulk grow and come ready to use with locking handles. The 32 Quart clear plastic container comes pre-drilled with four 1" 3/8" air exchange holes and 2" polyfil disks pre-installed.
Humidity Level Controller


Make life easy with our humidistat. This humidity controller sometimes called a Greenhouse controller will automatically turn your mist maker and fan on when the desired humidity levels fall out of the preset range, and the humidity controller will turn the fogger and waterproof fan off when the humidity reaches your preset upper level.

Most Popular Products

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Brown Rice Flour Jar BRF jars

Brown Rice Flour (BRF) Jar Mushroom Substrate

Brown rice flour (BRF) pre-sterilized mushroom substrate in a half-pint (8 oz) glass mason jar. Popularized by the PF Tek, BRF substrate jars have proven to be an excellent growing medium for many different mushroom species.
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Dehydrated Horse Manure

Dehydrated Horse Manure

Our horse manure is the best there is for mushroom growing supplies. All of our manure originates from purebred horses that are fed Grade-A, non-GMO diets. This manure is antibiotic-free. We only use manure that has been naturally leached by the rain and uniformly dehydrated by the sun. 

All of our equine manure is shredded for your convenience and to assure that you receive a greater volume of manure than you would from other online vendors.
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Mushroom Substrate for Sale Coconut Coir Brick

Coconut Coir Brick

A brick of our all-natural coco coir weighs approximately 500 grams and makes approximately 10 quarts after being hydrated. This is an eco-friendly product that consists of many coconut fibers compressed into a single brick. Hydrate with 1 gallon of water per brick and adjust the moisture content by adding 2 quarts of coarse vermiculite. Free of any additives or chemicals, this makes for an excellent bulk mushroom substrate.
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mushroom knife with brush

Mycology Men Mushroom Knife with Brush

Key Products Features:

Hard bristles to clean dirt from mushrooms to aid in proper identification

Curved blade to cleanly cut the rounded stems of mushrooms

Durable wood so the elements won't wear down the knife handle

Convenient chain to clip knife to your work belt or bag
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