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The art of mycology has been around for years and years... society is just hitting the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discovering all the incredible benefits mushrooms have to offer. Here at Mycology Men, we have experienced staff that have hand picked the best mushroom growing supplies to perfect your craft of growing mushrooms.

Mushroom growing supplies refer to the tools, equipment, and materials needed to cultivate and grow mushrooms. Growing mushrooms at home or on a larger scale requires a variety of specialized supplies to ensure a successful harvest.

One of the most essential mushroom growing supplies is a growing medium, which serves as the substrate for the mushrooms to grow on. Common growing mediums include straw, sawdust, and composted manure. Depending on the type of mushroom being grown, additional materials may be needed, such as wheat bran or soybean meal.

mushroom growing supplies

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Other important mushroom growing supplies include containers, such as trays or bags, for holding the growing medium and mushrooms as they develop. Temperature and humidity control equipment, such as heaters, coolers, and humidifiers, are also crucial for creating the ideal growing environment for mushrooms. Additionally, lighting may be necessary to stimulate growth and development.

Sterilization equipment, such as pressure cookers or autoclaves, is necessary for ensuring that the growing medium and equipment are free from harmful contaminants. A thermometer and pH meter are mushroom growing supplies that can be used to monitor and adjust the temperature and acidity of the growing environment.

Tools such as knives and brushes are mushroom growing supplies used for harvesting and cleaning mushrooms once they are ready for consumption.

Mushroom growing supplies play a critical role in the success of mushroom cultivation. By providing the right growing conditions and utilizing the proper tools and equipment, anyone can grow their own mushrooms and enjoy the benefits of fresh, nutritious fungi.
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Featured Products

Liquid Cultures

10cc Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe

Whether you're cultivating gourmet edibles or medicinal mushrooms, our versatile liquid culture syringe is compatible with a wide range of mushroom species, including but not limited to:

Shiitake mushrooms
Lion's mane mushrooms
Pink Oyster mushrooms
More coming very soon!

74 Quart Still Air Box

Step up your mushroom cultivation endeavors with the groundbreaking Mycology Men Still Air Box. Created to provide an ideal setting for sterile procedures, this indispensable instrument empowers both novice cultivators and experienced enthusiasts to achieve remarkable outcomes in their mycology pursuits.
Mushroom Knives

Mushroom Knife with Brush

A mushroom knife with brush is a specialized kitchen tool designed specifically for cleaning and preparing mushrooms. This tool is a combination of two essential components: a sharp blade for cutting through tough mushroom stems, and a soft-bristled brush for gently removing dirt and debris from the delicate caps.
Mushroom Grow Bags

Mushroom Grow Bags

Experience the joy and satisfaction of cultivating your own mushrooms with our innovative Mushroom Grow Bags. Whether you're a seasoned mycologist or a curious beginner, our grow bags provide the ideal environment for bountiful mushroom growth right in the comfort of your home. Embrace the wonders of nature as you embark on a journey to nurture, harvest, and savor your very own fungi delicacies.
mushroom grow bags

Most Popular Products

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Lion's Mane Liquid Culture

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Shiitake Liquid Culture

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8x5x20 inch mushroom grow bags

8x5x20 inch Mushroom Grow Bags

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mushroom knife with brush

Mycology Men Mushroom Knife with Brush

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