May 2, 2024

Full Guide: How to Make Mushroom Chocolates

How to Make Mushroom Chocolates Easily

Regardless if you are new to magic mushrooms or an experienced user, magic mushroom chocolate bars offer an approachable and effective psychedelic experience. These delicious treats have become increasingly popular for consumers  because they make eating magic mushrooms tasty instead of nasty!

You can even find magic mushroom chocolate bars in a wide variety of flavors ranging from standard milk chocolate, to cookies and cream, to strawberry milkshake, and beyond. You may be excited to learn that these are pretty darn easy to make yourself in the comfort of your own home! It is essentially as easy as grinding up dried mushrooms and mixing them into chocolate. In this article we will detail a step-by-step guide to making your very own magic mushroom chocolate bars. Let’s dive in how to make mushroom chocolates.

How to Make Mushroom Chocolates by Mycology Men

Why Make Your Own Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars?

If you have ever eaten magic mushrooms straight up, then you might agree with many of us that the taste is none too pleasant. If you are like me, you may have even tried disguising the taste by putting mushrooms on pizza or in a sandwich. Disguising the taste is what chocolate bars do best. The sweet chocolate flavor makes eating magic mushrooms an enjoyable culinary experience rather than a situation where you have to choke down some dry, chewy, and unpleasant tasting mushrooms. This is especially useful for those of you looking to take bigger doses. Sure I can get down half a gram no problem, but five grams is a different story.

Making your own chocolate bars at home is as easy as mixing chocolate and mushrooms together (well, there are a few more steps than that). It does not take more than 20ish minutes. By making your own chocolate bars instead of buying them from your “guy”, you can know exactly what is in the chocolate bars and accurately control dosing. Who knows what actually goes into the mushroom bars you can buy on the street. Heck, they might even not contain psilocybin, but another molecule called 4-ACO-DMT. By making your own bars, you know full well what is in there. 

On top of that, by making your own magic mushroom chocolate bars you can accurately control dosing. Typical chocolate bars from the street contain 4-5 grams of magic mushrooms (so the packaging says…). Many people eat just a single square or a few squares. If you made your own chocolate bars, you could dose the entire bar to be a comfortable dose for you. You could even make a bar for a guest and dose it comfortably for them. Now that is hospitality! 

how to make mushroom chocolate bars

How to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars


To make your very own magic mushroom chocolate bars, you are going to need a few supplies. Here is a list for you to use:

  • Dried magic mushrooms (see Dosing section below for how much to use)
  • Scale to weigh magic mushrooms
  • Chocolate to melt 
  • Coffee grinder or blender to grind the mushrooms into a fine powder
  • Glass bowl
  • Pot (for double-boiling, not needed if you are using the microwave to heat up the chocolate)
  • Spatula
  • Coconut oil, vanilla extract, salt (optional, for taste)
  • Chocolate mold(s)


Dosing with magic mushroom chocolate bars is the same as dosing with raw mushrooms. Maybe you enjoy large doses that provide intense psychedelic effects. Or maybe you enjoy a more relaxed microdose. Regardless, accurate dosing is essential so you can repeat your results time and time again.

Experienced users can tell you that a dose of 3.5 grams (⅛ th) will probably be quite a strong trip. Microdoses can be as little as 0.25 grams and will produce very little to no psychedelic effects. For first time users looking for a strong, but not overwhelming dose, we suggest 1.5 grams.

When we apply this to chocolate bars, it might be best to consider the dose per rectangle of chocolate (assuming your chocolate mold is broken into rectangles like Hershey Bars). For example, if your chocolate bar will be made up of 12 equal sized rectangles, and you want them each to contain 0.25 grams, then your entire bar needs 3 grams of mushrooms. If you are making 5 bars of all equal strength, then you will need 3 grams X 5 bars = 15 grams of mushrooms. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Mushroom Chocolates

  1. Weigh (dose) your mushrooms

First you must decide how many mushrooms you are putting into each chocolate bar or each rectangle within a chocolate bar. See the Dosing section above for more detailed suggestions. Use your scale to accurately measure out the amount of mushrooms you require.

  1. Grind up your mushrooms

Use a coffee grinder or blender to grind your mushrooms into a fine powder. Mushrooms should be entirely dry before grinding. Any amount of moisture will not allow you to grind the mushrooms as finely as recommended.

  1. Melt the chocolate

You have two options when it comes to melting the chocolate. In either case, it is important to avoid overheating the chocolate. The first option is to use the microwave. The second option is to use a technique called double-boiling.


If you choose to melt chocolate using the microwave, place your chocolate into a glass bowl. Now place the bowl in the microwave for 15-20 seconds. Remove the bowl and give the chocolates a quick mix with your spatula. Keep repeating this process until the chocolate is fully melted. This is the best method to avoid overheating your chocolate which will be disastrous for the flavor.


If you choose to melt the chocolate using a double-boil, first fill a pot small to medium with water about ½ of the way up. Place that pot on the stove with medium-low heat. Now, place your chocolate into a glass bowl that is big enough to sit inside of the pot without touching the bottom. The goal is to use the heat of the water to melt the chocolate in the glass bowl. You do not want any water getting out of the pot and into the chocolate bowl. While heating, use your spatula to mix occasionally. 

  1. Mix the mushrooms into the chocolate

Remove the chocolate from the heat and mix in your pre-grinded mushrooms. Try your hardest to evenly mix the mushrooms throughout the chocolate mixture so that each piece of chocolate has consistent dosing.

Added flavor (optional)

When the chocolate is melted, you can choose to add some flavor. This could be a dash of vanilla extract or a pinch of salt. It can be fun to experiment with different flavor profiles as you continue your chocolate making journey.

  1. Pour the mixture into molds

While the chocolate is still warm and flows easily, pour it into your molds. It can be useful to use a spatula to get all the chocolate out of the bowl and to even out the molds when they have been filled.

  1. Let the chocolate bars cool

The chocolate needs to cool and form into a solid chocolate bar for a while. It is best not to rush this process. The cooling can be done at room temperature.

  1. Storage and Labeling

Once your chocolate has cooled and formed into solid bars, you can wrap them in parchment paper to protect them from moisture. The chocolate bars should be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. You may consider keeping them in your refrigerator.

It is best practice to accurately label your chocolate bars. You should mark the dosage, the date they were made, and clearly mark that these are mushroom chocolates. You do not want someone to mistake this special chocolate bar for a regular one.

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