Sterilized Malt Extract Agar Slants 5-Pack



Midwest's malt extract agar slants are made with the perfect blend of agar, organic malt extract, organic locust bean gum & potato dextrose. Agar plates only last a few weeks, Agar slants allow you to store mycelium for up to 12 months. The ingredients and density of the agar allow mycelium to thrive for up to a year! Simply transfer your favorite mushroom mycelium from an agar plate and store in the fridge for use anytime you'd like! Each set of 5 test tubes are vacuum sealed in polyolefin packaging. Can be stored in the fridge for up to 90 days before using.

Features & Includes:

  • 5 Sterilized Malt Extract test tube slants
  • 15ml poly tubes
  • Made with perfect blend of ingredients to promote long term mycelium colonies
  • Pressure sterilized & Poured in our lab using laminar flow hood
  • Detailed Instructions on proper use


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