Organic Rye Grain Spawn Bags



Rye can be a tricky grain to master. Our carefully chosen organic rye is soaked for 16 hours in an alkaline mineral water and then slowly simmered to maximize the water content. After simmering the grain is fortified with gypsum and allowed to dry and then bagged and sterilized for 180 mins in our autoclave at 20 PSI. This higher autoclave temp ensures all endospores left in the rye grain are destroyed. Our bags are guaranteed to arrive fresh and sterile.

Each order of Rye includes Two Bags and features: 

  • USDA Organic Rye Grain
  • 2 Quarts of Spawn (2.25-2.5lbs each)
  • Self-healing high temperature injection port
  • .22 micron filter patch
  • Heavy Duty Spawn Bag

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