Masters Mix 50/50 Oak/Soy Hull Pellets



50% oak and 50% soy hulls (a.k.a. Masters Mix) blended together and compressed into pellet form. Masters Mix substrate is ideal for growing many varieties of gourmet mushrooms, while reducing the time and labor involved in mixing and measuring sawdust and supplements yourself. Masters Mix substrate is the industry standard for growing gourmet mushrooms such as Lion's Mane, Oyster mushrooms, Shiitake and a plethora of other delectable species. These pellets are easier to handle, mix, and measure when compared to sawdust and loose hulls. These pellets break down with water quickly.


Simply add water (1 cup pellets:0.28 liters of water), mix, then add to your preferred mushroom grow bag and sterilize for 2.5 hours at 15 PSI in a pressure cooker or autoclave. This 1/2 gallon quantity of Masters Mix will make eight pounds of substrate when combined with 2.25 liters of water.

During the shipping process, some pellets may break down and become somewhat dusty. This is normal and ultimately makes their end use easier because they will break down faster when water is added to them.

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1/2 Gallon


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