Liquid Culture Needle - 16 Gauge 3" Needle - Luer Lock - Sterile



3.0" inch long needle with luer lock fitting and sharp tip. 16 gauge. Sterile. Autoclavable. Fits on any standard syringe. These needles are perfect for reaching down into large jars of liquid culture due to their long length. Some mycologists prefer this thinner 16 gauge needle to the standard (and wider) 14 gauge liquid culture needle because the thinner needle can be used in conjunction with our injection ports without damaging them. The downside is that the thinner 16 gauge needle cannot draw up as thick of liquid culture solution as the 14 gauge liquid culture needle can. Overall, most cultivators prefer the wider 14 gauge needle because damaging the injection port is typically a nonissue since it is not common practice to draw up liquid culture solution into a syringe through an injection port (this is typically done in front of a flowhood with a jar of which the lid has been removed.) Please pair with our sterile syringes.

Syringes can be purchased separately.


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