These lightweight, high-speed replacement discs will get your tired mist maker fogging again!
ALL House of Hydro mist makers use 20mm discs.
If you are buying discs for a generic mist maker it may require a 16mm disc.  The easiest way to measure your disc size is by using an American Penny. The 20mm discs are slightly larger, the 16mm are slightly smaller than a penny. You must remove the disc to measure it.
  • DO NOT use the black rubber rings as replacement o-rings. They are for protecting the disc in it's packaging.
  • Comes in Packs of 3 discs and includes one key tool per pack.
  • High Gloss Non-Stick Coating for extended cleaning times
  • High speed, lightweight ceramic disc for much higher output than brass discs
  • All House of Hydro Mist Makers are 20mm

Additional information

Number of Discs

3, 6, 9, 12, 48


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