Disposable Sterile Scalpels Pack of 5



  • SUPERIOR STAINLESS-STEEL BLADE: Equipped with tempered Stainless-Steel

    blades with a plastic handle, our #11 disposable scalpel knives allow

    for heavy duty use and a comfy grip for easy control.

  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED & STERILE: Our scalpels work amazingly for

    Dermaplaining or small aesthetic procedures such as callus removing,

    dead skin-skin tag removal and scraping, acne removal and more.

  • HIGHLY VERSATILE: You may also use these disposable scalpels for your

    premed student supplies, dissections at school/ university, taxidermy,

    clay modeling or any arts ā€˜nā€™ crafts project that requires a sharp #11


  • PROTECTIVE CAP: Our scalpel knives come with protective blade caps so

    you can reuse them again if you wish. A great tool for any project that

    does not require disposing of the scalpel upon completion.

  • PLASTIC HANDLE WITH MEASUREMENT: Our handle is designed to offer a good

    grip and allows for delicate control when required. Plus, on the side

    you will find a handy, 6cm ruler for extra practicality points


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