Digital Continuous Interval Timer 1800W



The BEST timer for mushroom cultivation... period. This timer does anything you could possibly throw at it, including CONTINUOUS INTERVAL cycles, which most timers do not feature. This is very important because most timers are limited to 8 on/off cycles per 24 hour period. This is not suitable for fan and humidifier cycles, as they need to be run more often for optimal results. This timer allows for INFINITE continuous interval on/off cycles.

  • Safety: Insulation material; Child lock function; Power-off protection; Warning tone. Plugs into a 120V grounded receptacle, and contains a single grounded receptacle rated at 15A/1800W
  • Multifunctional save energy and money: Clock setting; Timing per day (3 groups can be set at the same time); Count down and turn on/off (warning tone can be selected); Interval circulation(Infinite loop and Shortest time interval is 1 second)
  • Simple and Easy: The summary procedure set operation; plug and play; Easy-to-read super large LCD; Infinite Loop per day
  • Includes an easy-to-read instruction manual



  • Daily Timing
    (Example: Having the device turn on at 09:00 and off at 15:30 each day. Three periods can be set for each day.)
  • Countdown and Turn Off / On
    (Example: The device will turn off / on the power after 30 minutes)
  • Continuous Intervals
    Hour & Minute
    (Example: You wish the device to turn on power for 1 minute, then turn off for 2 minutes, on for 1 minute, off for 2 minutes, and so on.)
  • Continuous Intervals
    Minute & Second
    (Example: You wish the device to turn on power for 1 second, then turn off for 2 seconds, on for 1 second, off for 2 seconds, and so on.)>
  • Continuous Intervals
    Set Interval Periods (Daily)
    (Example: The device will turn on at 09:00 and work through of intervals of being on for 1 second, off for 2 seconds and so on until 10:30, when the device will turn off.)
  • Continuous Intervals
    Set Interval Periods (Hours/Minutes)
    (Example 1: The device will turn on for 1 minute and turn off for 2 minutes. This cycle will continue for 30 hours or endless cycle.)
  • Button Lock
  • Alarm
  • Always ON


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