25lb pack of 5lb Coco coir+vermiculite+gypsum sterilized substrate bags



This is a bulk option for purchasing 5x5lb bags of our coco coir and vermiculite substrate. This is a 25% discounted listing compared to purchasing 5x5lb bags individually.

Our proprietary substrate mix! Crafted through years of experience providing great results consistently. Tired of reading all the websites telling you to add this that or the other thing? Forget it, we’ve worked through all that ourselves and figured out what works best! This product is sterilized and ready to use. Just mix with your mycelium spawn and you're ready to go! 5lbs is enough substrate mix to top dress multiple bags of mycelium or to create 1 monotub of substrate when mixed with the recommended ratio of spawn in a typical container size; feel free to message us to confirm which size for what size tub. Heat sealed, preventing contaminants.

*Product is made to order, please allow 1-3 days for preparation and shipping*

*We do not accept any liability for your use of this product. All sales final. Any issues with products are handled on an individual basis*

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Weight 25 lbs


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